Use Missed Call Services for Business

The first thought of internet will get you thinking about Smartphone or computers. But even now, roughly 7 out of 10 people in the world, encompassing a huge number of Indian population use much simpler devices, feature phones to be precise.

To reach out this major chunk of population, companies have to resort to a more basic platform. Keeping in mind the already existing populace who are familiar with Missed Call feature for social interaction, companies turned towards these particular methods to engage consumer interaction. This gave way for Missed Call service for Companies.

Missed Call Service is known to create a huge number of avenues to help your business flourish. These can not only engage as a one way communication but can also be provided with the option of replying via text message or calling back via pre-recorded message or live agent.

Benefits of Missed Call services

  • According to a recent survey, it was shown that engagement level goes up by 1000% when customers are asked for subscription via Missed Calls.
  • Not only these, but Missed Call services provide quality customer. You would not be shaking a tree but rather conversing with someone who is genuinely interested in your product/service.
  • Surveys are another key benefit of Missed Call services. Being a free-to-customer service, Missed Calls encourages more and more participation, and let’s go off the tedious processes of filling forms.
  • Gathering feedback’s is another effervescent quality of Missed Call services. These help business grow in a lateral way and even encourage higher customer retention.

This is probably one of the shortest, easiest and a convenient way. All you need is to make that First Ring.